Bucher: Nets Looking For New Deal

Update #4: Looks like it won’t be the Rockets pick. Not sure if I’m as on board…

Update #3: Per Woj: Nets would be sending Shawne Williams, Memo Okur and a protected first rounder for Gerald Wallace.  We will keep you updated, but I love this deal if it’s true (and assuming that the protected first is the Rockets pick).

Update #2: Another Woj report… This time saying the Nets and the Blazers are in serious talks for Gerald Wallace. They are “close.”

Update: Savior Woj is reporting that the player the Nets have in mind is Portland’s Jamal Crawford.


If Billy King is indeed convinced that the Dwight dream is dead, I believe Bucher that he will be looking in other directions. Remember what happened when he missed on Carmelo Anthony? King always has a Plan B.

As far as trade deadline updates go, the Indiana Pacers have acquired Leandro Barbosa from the Toronto Raptors for a second-round pick and the Philadelphia 76ers have received Sam Young from the Memphis Grizzlies in exchange for future rights to Ricky Sanchez.