Brooklyn: The HipsterNets

...Let's just be glad this never happened.

Along with a thriving urban community and Russian base, Brooklyn — soon the home of you-know-who — has become a haven for “hipsters,” whatever that term means today, or yesterday, or 20 years ago, depending on how cool you are. If you’re a Nets fan now, you’re currently in the process of liking them before they’re cool, which gives you additional indie cred for the next time you pour out a lil’ PBR at the footsteps of the Barclays Center site.

Though the retro jersey ranks just above Wes Anderson films and just below calling the dude who pours my coffee into a foam cup a “barista” in hipster circles, Kurt Snibbe of Page 2 had a few more ideas on how the Nets can continue to maximize their hipster b-ball cred through their marketing.

Also, In this man’s humble opinion, someone should paint that last one on Stephen Graham’s face.