Brooklyn Takeover… of baby names?

Brooklyn Babies
via Slate
via Slate
via Slate

People not from Brooklyn really seem to like it.

According to a piece from web magazine Slate, Brooklyn was the most popular girl’s name starting with “B” in the United States in 2012, and the top name in 39 of 50 individual states in 2012. “Brooke” was the most common name in 3 other states. According to Baby Center, Brooklyn was also the most popular baby name starting with “B” in 2013.

But New Yorkers don’t like naming their girls “Brooklyn:” just 5 of 100,000 Brooklynites named their baby girl “Brooklyn,” and New York state had the lowest overall rate of girls named Brooklyn (11 per 100,000). Other states that didn’t list Brooklyn as their most common name include high-population states like California, Florida, Massachusetts, and New Jersey.

The chart below, from the Baby Center link above, lists Brooklyn’s popularity as a name by year since 2000. You can see it spiking in the last decade.

Brooklyn Chart