Nets vs. Jazz: The BK Game Streak

After a blowout loss in Denver, the Nets don’t have any time to dwell, traveling to Utah to take on the Utah Jazz tonight. Along with a shot at redemption, you know what that means: another shot at “The BK Game Streak,” where you can build a streak predicting how well the Nets will do in each game for a chance to win a $200 Amazon Gift Card!

The game is as simple as it sounds:

1. The contest relies on a standard betting line for each game. (Note: you must be logged into Facebook to play.) To make your prediction, select YES or NO to agree or disagree. For example: today’s line is “Deron Williams will score 19 or more points.” If you think Williams will score 19 or more points, select “YES.” If you think Williams will score 18 or fewer points, select “NO.”

For the record: Williams has averaged 15.7 points per game on 31.3% shooting in three games against his former Utah team this year.

2. String together wins and try to get the longest streak of correct predictions before the end of the NBA regular season. Follow game results on the leaderboard on the right sidebar.

At the end of the season, we’ll award three prizes to the players with the best three streaks: The Gold Net Trophy (longest streak) and a $200 Amazon Gift Card will be awarded to first place, the Silver Net Trophy (second-longest streak) and a $50 Amazon Gift Card to second place, and the Bronze Net Trophy (third-longest streak) $25 Amazon Gift Card and a Bronze Net Trophy to third place.

Read more rules for the contest here.

Good luck!