Brooklyn Nets twitter trends: can’t knock Jay-Z

Ashley Read takes a look at Twitter trends throughout the still-recent Brooklyn Nets history and finds a few interesting things:

  • The hashtag #hellobrooklyn achieved peak results during the rebrand in April, Deron Williams’ re-signing in July, and the rescheduled opening night game against the Toronto Raptors;

  • Tyson Chandler was the most-mentioned player on Twitter during November 26th’s Nets-Knicks game (8,725 mentions). Deron Williams was second (8,393), followed by Joe Johnson (6,834) and Carmelo Anthony (6,647). Though I’m not sure how this is calculated: I’m not sure if “D-Will” or “Melo” were counted.

  • Even with the game, no player was mentioned nearly as much as Jay-Z or Beyonce.

Fun read. Check it out here for more.