Nets Trade Rankings: Who’s Most Likely To Get Traded?

It’s that time of year again, where 90% of the NBA collectively takes a week off to rest and general managers feel the pressure to make bad decisions based on an arbitrary end-date to make trades with other NBA teams. It’s truly the best time of year, particularly for a team like the Nets, who feast on trade rumors like insatiable sharks circling chum even when the team is performing well.

The Nets have eight days to construct a deal, so we’re doing some predictions: ranking Nets players from least to most likely to get traded. This isn’t a “trade value” ranking, because value to the Nets & value to the league could be wildly disparate, but a “trade likelihood” ranking, as in: “who’s most likely to get wrapped up in a deal sending them away?

We’re also not including Mirza Teletovic on this list, for obvious reasons. Enjoy — and let us know what you think.