Brooklyn Nets pronunciations

I referred to Deron Williams as “Der-RON” and someone corrected me that it was DER-on. Any other pronunciation issues I should watch out for if I want to seem like a sophisticated Brooklyn Nets fan?

Here’s a few:
Power forward “Mirza Teletovic” – MEER-za Te-LE-to-vic
Small forward “Tornike Shengelia” – Tor-KNEE-kay Shen-GEIL-ya (hard G)
Power forward/Center “Andray Blatche” – AN-dray (not AHN-dray)
YES Network announcer “Ian Eagle” – EYE-an (not EE-an)
Nets owner Mikhail Prokhorov – mikh-hah-EEL (the “hah” in the middle made with your throat)

Note: Prokhorov has told American media to call him “Mike” or “Michael” if they’d like. AT YOUR OWN RISK.