Brooklyn Nets-New York Knicks Power Rankings: The Kings And Sewer Dwellers Of New York Basketball

Joe Johnson


21) Amar’e Stoudemire. Stoudemire’s efficiency so far this season has made me happy, even if his 24 minutes a game of 21-PER play remains a far cry from his destruction of worlds alongside Steve Nash in Phoenix. Also, 12.5 rebounds per 36? From STAT? Maybe there’s some hope for Lopez to start grabbing some boards.

I’ll, uh, hold my breath on his defense, though. -D.S.

22) Jarrett Jack. We’re four games into the season, and I’ve already had enough of Jarrett Jack’s midrange PUJITs. At least take a three once in a while. More than 48 percent of his shots this year have been pull-up jumpers, and he’s shot an uninspiring 38 percent on them.

I’m intrigued by two-PG possibilities with Jack and Deron Williams on the floor, but I’m looking forward more to Warriors Jack than Cavaliers Jack. Cavaliers Jack was bad. -D.S.

23) Pablo Prigioni. Jose Calderon’s vampire form. -D.K.

24) Quincy Acy. I’m scared of Quincy Acy. He’s like Reggie Evans … but scary.

I’m not sure whether this would make him more or less scary. -D.S.

25) Bojan Bogdanovic. Mirza Teletovic took a year to figure it out. -D.K.

26) Samuel Dalembert. I’d like to think that I have better judgment than Dalembert does with respect to determining if a ball is on its upward or downward trajectory in flight. Then again, I can’t come up with anything more insightful to say about him than joking about his propensity to goaltend.

I don’t know, man. I guess he’ll be okay. At the least, maybe his 15-20 minutes a game will keep Fisher from assigning that time to Andrea Bargnani. -D.S.

27) Markel Brown. I don’t care that he hasn’t played an NBA minute yet. He can do this.

That’s at least a top-26-New-York-Power-Rankings-Dunk. -D.K.

28) Shane Larkin. There are many things Shane Larkin is not (yet). He’s not a starting-caliber point guard, a role he’ll be asked to fill in the absence of both Jose Calderon and Pablo Prigioni. He’s not a good shooter. He’s not a crook. He’s not a businessman, he’s a business, man.

What is Shane Larkin? He’s outrageously fast. So fast, Larkin says, Derek Fisher will at times ask him to run the Knicks outside of the Triangle to take advantage of that speed. I guess that’s pretty cool. -D.S.

29) Jerome Jordan. Did not see him earning a spot on the team coming, and Knicks fans reading this might laugh. But Jordan has played really well for a third-string big man in the last month, and kept the train running through the season, even getting one stint over Mason Plumlee off the bench. His contract can’t be guaranteed until January, but a seven-footer with touch and length basically has to trip out of the NBA. Kudos to him for making the list at all. -D.K.

30) Andrei Kirilenko. I hope Lionel Hollins’s early habit of not playing Andrei Kirilenko for whatever reason quickly dies out because it just doesn’t make any sense. He’s an excellent disruptor on defense for a team that hasn’t shown any consistency on that end just yet, and while he doesn’t space the floor with his jumper, his positional awareness and chemistry gel with Deron Williams and the rest of the offense.

Kidd’s reluctance to play him during the opening round of the playoffs may have nearly cost the Nets the series, and I’d hate to see Brooklyn waste a valuable asset who made sacrifices to come and return to this team for a whole season. -D.S.


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