Brooklyn Nets: Midseason Grades

Kris Humphries, Joe Johnson, Brook Lopez, Deron Williams, Gerald Wallace
Seems like a lifetime ago. (AP)

Jerry Stackhouse

Jason Kidd, Jerry Stackhouse
Had to use it. (AP)

I really wish the ride lasted all season. Stackhouse had a truly amazing start for a 38-year-old who looked washed up one year ago; leading the league in plus-minus per 100 possessions by a full 14 points per 100 at one point, hitting turnaround fadeaway jumpers like the old dude in pickup who can’t be stopped, dunking (no, seriously — he f—ing dunked), hit five corner three-pointers in one game, and in perfect Stack fashion, commenting on his own greatness. It was purely Jerry Stackhouse in every sense of the word, defying Mother Nature for just long enough to make it seem like he really — no, really — might be the corner answer the Brooklyn Nets had been searching for.

Stackhouse’s rocket start sent me into conniptions on a game-by-game basis, partially because I thought it was hilarious, and partially because I actually couldn’t believe what I was seeing. But time waits for no Stack, and after a month of unbelievably over-his-head production — 50% shooting, 54% from deep — Stackhouse quickly skidded back to earth. I almost considered giving him an honorary A+ because his rocket start is still my favorite Nets story of this year, but I can’t ignore what’s happened since then. For anyone that thinks a B is still too high — the fact that he performed at all, given what was expected, is a miracle unto itself.

Keep on, Jerry Stackhouse. We salute you.
-Devin Kharpertian

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