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Josh Smith
Josh Smith, reading some of these ideas. (AP)

The Nets-iest Trade Ever

Click on the image to see the trade on ESPN’s Trade Machine.
H/T @Ronnie131.

Look at this trade. Look at this goddamn trade. This is the most ridiculous piece of trade machine wizardry I’ve seen since Brett Koremenos basically broke the thing at Grantland. This is the type of trade that would happen if you showed the Trade Machine to a burned-out Nets fan who hasn’t watched basketball since Kerry Kittles retired.

It’s amazing. It involves three former Nets changing teams. It involves the return of Jason Collins. It sends Courtney Lee to the only place he might’ve hated playing in more than Newark. It helps Devin Harris complete one more step in his eternal quest to circumnavigate the NBA by playing for every professional basketball team it has. It gives the Celtics a decent point guard to finish the season with while they wait for Rajon Rondo to heal. And of course, it gives the Nets Josh Smith.

I love it. And, at least compared to everything else we’ve seen, it kind of — only kind of — makes sense, right?

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