Is a new Nets jersey in the works?

Ever since the Nets left East Rutherford/Newark/the swamp for hipster pastures last season, they’ve shoved the Brooklyn borough down their fans’ throats like a slice of Grimaldi’s pizza. (BOOM! BROOKLYN REFERENCE! NAILED IT!) Most notably, the team scrubbed the “NETS” from the front of their jerseys (which, incidentally, came after they scrubbed the “New Jersey” from their jerseys) and went exclusively with “BROOKLYN” on their home and aways.

But when a fan asked Brooklyn Nets CEO Brett Yormark about a potential jersey change, Yormark had an interesting response.

There was no need for Yormark to respond to this tweet unless something interesting was actually in the works, so expect a new alternate Brooklyn Nets jersey in the fall. While a jersey that says “NETS” on it is the obvious choice, saying “stay tuned” leaves the door a crack open for other possibilities, such as a different pattern style or the increasingly popular sleeved jerseys. Or decorate a jersey with the Oculus and newly-installed “She.” (Don’t expect any color changes.)

Yormark has been in China this week with new Nets forward Kevin Garnett.