If Kidd’s out, who’s in? Nets Coaching Candidates

Jason Kidd, LeBron James

4. Larry Brown

Larry Brown in the 1970s (AP)
Larry Brown in the 1970s (AP)

The latest: Sam Amick of USA Today reported that Larry Brown was not interested in coaching the Lakers. He has been the coach of Southern Methodist since 2012.

The skinny:  Brown was rumored as a potential coach last summer, but none of those really materialized in a tangible way. Then, after Kidd’s hire, Brown was again rumored to join as Brooklyn’s top assistant. (In retrospect: Way to dodge that bullet, Larry! Lawrence Frank wishes he had your foresight.)

Additionally, Brown never quite seemed like the coach Brooklyn needed and seems very happy with his current position. At his age, it seems unlikely that he’d join the Nets for the long term.

The verdict: Larry Brown is not happening. In fact, Larry Brown in 2014 is even less likely than Larry Brown in 2013.  The Nets were content on going with the high risk hire of Kidd last summer, it seems unlikely that they’ll settle for Brown now.