If Kidd’s out, who’s in? Nets Coaching Candidates

Jason Kidd, LeBron James

2. George Karl

George Karl
George Karl (AP)

The latest: George Karl is likely to be at the top of the Nets’ coaching list, reports Howard Beck.

The skinny: Like Hollins, the Nuggets dumped Karl last year after a successful season. How successful? Karl was the NBA Coach of the Year, eventually fired in favor of current coach and former top Nets candidate, Brian Shaw.

As we wrote last year:

“Karl’s sudden departure from Denver made him instantly the highest-qualified candidate on the market — he hasn’t had a losing season since 1988 (note: that’s before I was born) and despite his lack of playoff success, has a track record of maximizing offensive teams with a commitment ball movement, drawing fouls, and smart shot selection.” 

Karl is 6th all-time in wins and led the Nuggets to the playoffs in all nine years as head coach. They only made it out of the first round once, but the Nets probably won’t be too picky about that given the circumstances.

The verdict: In year that may be part transition, part win-now, Karl could emerge as the perfect candidate to be ringmaster of the circus that has become the Brooklyn Nets.