Who’s Best With The Nets’ “Big 3”? Because It’s Not Reggie Evans

Joe Johnson, Deron Williams, Brook Lopez
The Brooklyn Nets’ current talent only goes so far. (AP)

2. Mirza Teletovic: 46 minute with Deron Williams, Joe Johnson, Brook Lopez;
+20.9 per 100 possessions

Well, that’s a lot in a little. Sure, the playing time is minuscule — it doesn’t even add up to one regulation game — but with Teletovic, Johnson, Williams, and Lopez on the floor together, the team’s outscored opponents 116-90 in 46 minutes of playing time.

Much of that is due to the team’s improved three-point shooting: in those very limited minutes, the team is 16-34 (47.1%) from deep, Teletovic himself hitting at a 40% clip.

While Teletovic’s raw plus-minus number is better than the one player ahead of him, there’s a huge difference in minutes between the two, and Teletovic’s limited time means there’s a lot of noise in the signals. But the early results seem to make the argument that they should see more time together.

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