Who’s Best With The Nets’ “Big 3”? Because It’s Not Reggie Evans

Joe Johnson, Deron Williams, Brook Lopez
The Brooklyn Nets’ current talent only goes so far. (AP)

5. Reggie Evans: 560 minutes with Deron Williams, Joe Johnson, Brook Lopez;
-4.0 per 100 possessions

Fans have been clamoring for Evans’ removal from the starting lineup for some time now, and looking at the numbers, the claim has some merit. The Brooklyn Nets’ requisite starter at power forward has one glaring flaw in his resume: the team’s almost at its worst when he plays with the team’s most important players. While every other player on this list is a net positive with the Nets’ “Big 3,” Evans is the opposite, by a significant margin.

It’s not that Evans is a bad player. He’s not. He functioned well with the self-titled “Bench Mob” when facing opposing team’s second units. But when the Nets’ starters struggle, Evans’s near-complete lack of an offensive game makes it near impossible for the Nets to compete with most high-level teams.

Evans is arguably the team’s best pick-and-roll defender, which gives him significant value, but he’s at his best feasting on the mistakes of lesser players. When faced with a talented post player — specifically long, athletic ones — his offensive and defensive limitations get exposed. That doesn’t happen so much when he’s going up against second units, but when he’s with the starters, it’s been a night-in, night-out phenomenon.

Evans is a phenomenal rebounder, a great teammate & bench player, and someone who’s abilities could prove invaluable to a playoff team. But as a starter playing significant minutes, his detriments become simply too significant to ignore.

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