Brooklyn Closes It Out, Somehow: Nets 97, Bucks 94 (Game Grades)


Deron Williams POINT GUARD

Like yesterday, it seemed like there was nothing Williams could do to stop Jennings — Jennings just absolutely destroys the Nets, for whatever reason — and when considering his performance in a vacuum, I thought he played quite well. Took smart shots and hit them, had some really pretty dishes, and hit what would have been a daggerous three-pointer with 1:50 left to give him 20 points and put the Nets up 11 if the Nets were anything close to competent at the end of games.

A couple of shoddy late-game plays — a turnover, a horribly short free throw — bump him down a notch, but from start to finish, hard not to argue with this Deron Williams.


Hit his first two shots and celebrated with a quiet remainder of the evening. Thought he was fine, other than his shooting, but that’s a big problem.

Gerald Wallace SMALL FORWARD

Game-clinching rebound and the game’s best highlight dunk. I’ll take it.

Kris Humphries POWER FORWARD

Two stints: one completely uneventful one in the first quarter that ended with more fouls than minutes, and a far more eventful one in the fourth that included some key rebounds and an and-one fadeaway off-balance jumper.

Brook Lopez CENTER

Awful start, maddening throughout, sat the fourth quarter and entirely justifiable.

Andray Blatche POWER FORWARD

I think I figured it out: Blatche makes 25% looks 40% of the time and 70% looks 55% of the time. Did a great job attacking the glass.


Open threes, great defense, undeserved technicals. ROLE STAR HIP HOP.


Played an excellent third-to-fourth quarter stretch: in attack mode without forcing, hit an open three, and keyed an 11-0 run that gave the Nets a lead for the first time since the game’s opening possessions.


I’m not going to fault him for taking advantage of having an offense run through him for possessions at a time. If the Nets want to give him shots, that’s a strategical decision. But: what the hell?

Mirza Teletovic POWER FORWARD

Got some early minutes thanks to Kris Humphries foul trouble and delivered: didn’t hit any shots in the first quarter but looked comfortable in the offense and took good shots. Now if only he’d, well, make one.


Big game for Watson; solid role star impression in the first half, netting three open left corner threes by sneaking away from an unprepared/unsuspecting defense. Hit a huge layup when everyone would expect Joe Johnson to shoot to put the Nets up 4.