Brook Lopez wants to be Wookie in the Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Brook Lopez’s future costume? (AP)
Brook Lopez's future costume? (AP)
Brook Lopez’s future costume? (AP)

Brooklyn Nets center Brook Lopez returned to practice today, after missing a little over two weeks with a lower back strain. While that’s normally cause for a player to talk about his improving conditioning level, or how he’s terribly excited to get back to playing professional basketball, you have to remember that this is Brook Lopez we’re talking about, and Brook Lopez has just but one goal (other than to play Tuesday): use his influence in the media to earn him the role of “Wookie” in Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

You read that right: Brook Lopez wants to play “Wookie” in Star Wars. Per members of the media that spoke with Lopez today:

Lopez has the height, and the voice, to make this happen. He’s also got the hair capabilities, as we learned last year when Lopez was visited at home by teammates while recovering from his foot injury.

Our final word: make it happen, George Lucas.