Brook Lopez & Robin Lopez will team up on Disney XD television show

Brook Lopez, Robin Lopez

Is there a better pairing than Brook Lopez and Disney?

The Brooklyn Nets and Disney announced today that Brook Lopez and twin brother Robin will team up with Disney XD for three specials called “NBA Slam Funk!”

The duo will be joined by Cameron Boyce and Jacob Bertrand, two of Disney’s current stars, for some kid-friendly fun.

“The three 15-minute specials will include the NBA’s best game action bloopers, fan and mascot antics, circus shots, and player outtakes. The Lopez brothers, along with avid NBA fans Boyce and Bertrand, will tip off the specials with their own fun pranks and maniac mascot moments.”

Disney should be careful, however, given the Lopez brothers and their relationship with NBA mascots over the years. The two have frequently targeted mascots while on road trips, and goad their teammates to get in on the act. Brook and Robin are largely documented Disney fans, and were even spotted at Disneyland this week.

The episodes will air at 7 P.M. EST from June 1st to 3rd on Disney XD.