Brook Lopez: The paradoxes of time travel scare me

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Brook Lopez at a G-Shock Event. The alleged year is 2013. (AP)
Brook Lopez at a G-Shock Event. The alleged year is 2013. (AP)
Brook Lopez at a G-Shock Event. The alleged year is 2013. (AP)

Brook Lopez isn’t your ordinary NBA star. He’s not really your ordinary anything, unless you’re used to having a seven-footer with elite scoring touch and an affinity for comic books hanging around. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that he has developed thoughts about things like time travel.

In a Q-and-A session with’s David Aldridge in his always-chock-full-of-goodness Morning Tip, Lopez touches on the normal and weird as he always does, switching from pocket passes to time travel without missing a beat.

Some samples; on his chemistry with Deron Williams:

We’ve always had good chemistry since he got to New Jersey, and now Brooklyn. It’s just that we haven’t been able to play together that much in four or five seasons. We’re really hitting our stride right now. We’re getting back to the way we were playing together before, but it kept improving from the time we’ve been able to have together on the court.

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On his brother’s long-standing mascot beef, where Brook says he’s unclear of its genesis:

You know, I don’t know. It’s interesting. ‘Cause going to games growing up, we enjoyed hanging out with the mascots, always seeing them, stuff like that. You’d go to Disney and you’d see Mickey and everything, and he’d get along (with them) great. I guess somewhere along the line — I’m going to defend my brother — I’m going to say he didn’t take first blood. It must’ve been some mascot hazing in his direction. Maybe when he was a rookie, I don’t know what went down. And I think he might be a bit affected by that. It’s too soon to talk about it, seven years into the league. But I think it’s something we really need to look into. Maybe, perhaps some sort of exclusive to get to the bottom of this.

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Most importantly, Lopez shared his feelings and fears about time travel, which he said he’d discussed with a Nets trainer (Tim Walsh?) recently:

I’ve thought about it before, and paradoxes scare me. My trainer and I were actually talking about this about a month ago. It’s possible that in the future, this thing’s already been built, but they’re too scared to come back. I don’t know … wouldn’t they have come back already otherwise?

This is a clear cover-up: Brook Lopez has been sent from the future to confuse us all about what an NBA star is supposed to do in his spare time, and his fear of time travel is just to throw us off the scent. We’re onto you.

Lopez & the Nets take on the Atlanta Hawks for Game 4 of their first-round matchup Monday night, hoping to knot up the series at two games apiece — and Lopez has been a big part of their gameplan, leading the team and scoring and rebounding through three games.

The full Q-and-A with Aldridge & Lopez, plus many other notes from around the league, below. — Thunder at biggest crossroad yet in Durant-Westbrook era