Brook Lopez is 100% cleared to play

Brook Lopez is 100% cleared to play

In an interview in Perm, Russia, Brook Lopez (sans boot) said he has been fully cleared by doctors to return to basketball activities.

“(The leg’s) doing great,” Lopez said (fast forward to about 2:10). “I was fully cleared for play and everything about a week and a half ago now. It’s doing great. Now i just need to get back in shape.”

Lopez has undergone multiple surgeries this year: on January 4th, team doctor Riley Williams III (now with Team USA in Las Vegas) completed a surgery with Duke University’s Department Chair of Orthopedic surgery Dr. James Nunley and Nets’ foot and ankle specialist Dr. Martin O’Malley to fix a broken bone in Lopez’s foot and reposition other bones to lessen weight on the side of his foot. On March 3rd, he underwent surgery on his left ankle to tighten ligaments and repair a torn tendon.

The Lopez twins have spent the last few days palling around Russia: hitting up tourist spots and small clinics alike, with Robin doing most of the record-keeping and Brook along for the ride.

(h/t to @chernykh for the video)