Brook Lopez Body-Slams The Raptors Mascot (VIDEO)

Brook Lopez Body-Slams The Raptors Mascot

The animosity between the Lopez twins and mascots is no secret. Brook once led a crusade against Hooper, the Pistons mascot, while Robin has freely admitted he’s going after any and all mascots throughout the NBA.

But even though Brook struck a peace treaty with Cavaliers mascot Moondog — and dedicated a performance of his in which he dominated Robin to his fallen mascot friends — it looks like Brook is back on the hunt again. Just look at how he treated The Raptor, the Toronto Raptors mascot, before Tuesday night’s Nets-Raptors game:

That’s a legitimate power slam! Brook Lopez is back on the hunt. Watch out, NBA performing artists who dress up in full-body costumes and shoot t-shirts at people.