Brook Lopez is active, but might not play vs. Nuggets

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Brooklyn Nets center Brook Lopez was officially listed as active by the team for the first time in nine games after suffering a low back strain, meaning he’s available to play.

But that doesn’t mean Lionel Hollins will put him in the game.

“I’m saying he’s available, I don’t know if I’m going to play him at all,” Hollins said before the game. “But he is available. … (It) depends on how the game is going, and whether I even put him in the game.”

Lopez hasn’t come off the bench in a game since the first seven games of his career, and he’s either been a starter or inactive in any other game.

Lopez first incurred the injury on December 7th, and has been re-evaluated multiple times. He returned to practice in full Monday afternoon.

“He hasn’t played in forever, and (as far as) conditioning, he hasn’t practiced but yesterday,” Hollins added. “I don’t know what he can do anyway, or how effective he can be. Let’s put it that way. And we’ll see how the game goes.”