Brian Scalabrine Shares His Craziest Kevin Garnett Story

In honor of Kevin Garnett pseudo-attempting a chompdown on Chicago Bulls center Joakim Noah’s hand, former teammate of Garnett Brian Scalabrine remembers the craziest thing he’s ever seen Garnett do. It involves shaming Glen “Big Baby Davis” and spitting on kids on a plane, so it’s pretty par for the course for Garnett.

If you can’t watch, here’s the full transcript of Scalabrine’s quotes.

“I’ve seen him hiss like a cobra, he calls it the king cobra, I’ve seen him bark like a dog, but the craziest thing I’ve ever seen is when somehow in 2010 we were going around and everyone was having arm-wrestling contests, and Glen ‘Big Baby’ Davis was crushing everybody. I mean, Big Baby Davis is incredibly strong, and so he was crushing everybody. And one-by-one, whoever took on Big Baby Davis, they lost.

Until we got on the plane. 35,000 up feet in the air, Big Baby, KG, they sit down, and we’re all thinking, ‘KG’s done. There’s no way.’ And on the go, no one moves. And Big Baby’s trying his hardest. And Kevin said, ‘I’m not moving’ — and there’s a little bit of profanity in there — but ‘I’m not moving, I’m not moving!’ And about a minute and 30 (seconds) goes by, Big Baby, his shoulder starts to fatigue out, and Garnett starts going, and going, and slams Big Baby down on the table for the win.

And he gets up, and with a lot of profanity, ‘I’m the alpha male in this thing! I’m the alpha dog here! Don’t you guys ever forget it!’ Now, there was some profanity in there, there was sweat coming down, but the thing is, what it proves is Garnett, against all odds, because Big Baby should’ve won that arm-wrestling contest, against all odds, he’s going to compete at the highest level and figure out a way. To me, at 35,000 feet, seeing KG sweat profusely and spit all over kids on the plane, that was the craziest thing I’ve ever seen.”