Brett Yormark Will Unveil Nets’ New Name! (…in a few months)

According to Stefan Bondy, the Nets will unveil their new name in a few months. With the team moving to Brooklyn, New Jersey Nets isn’t an option in the future. However, Yormark says that he is leaning towards keeping “Nets” and having the team name simply be the “Brooklyn Nets.”

I’m torn on this issue. On one hand, I feel like the name “Nets” could be improved on. The whole “use a part of the game in your name!” shtick has run its course. However, that name has a lot of history behind it and would keep the team rooted in New Jersey to some degree. Personally, I liked Brooklyn Ballers. (ed. note: I’ve always been a fan of the Brooklyn Eagles or Knights. -D.K.)

What do you guys think?