Breaking Down The Schedule (Part 3 of 4)

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A quick refresher of where we are at.  Last week, I took us through the half-way point and with my predictions I have us going 16-26, on pace for 32 wins.  Will the Nets be able to continue or pass that pace?  Stay tuned after the jump, where we will know the Nets’ record after 60 games.

Sat Jan. 23 @ Utah

When people try to project Yi if he plays his potential, a lot of people mention the name Andrea Bargnani.  While their games are similar, I don’t really agree with the comparisons.  When I see Yi playing to his potential, I see Mehmet Okur.  They are about the same size and have the same body type.  If Yi can get close to Mehmet’s level, I will be a happy man.  As for the game, Carlos Boozer/Paul Milsap and Deron Williams are going to pick and roll us to death, and I don’t see us being able to stop it.  Jazz win going away.  (16-27).

Wed Jan. 27 vs LA Clippers

This game could possibly have rookie of the year implications.  Blake Griffin will be in the running all year…as for Terrence Williams, he should be getting some solid minutes by this point in the season, so if he plays well, he could play his way into ROY discussions.  This game is going to show Nets’ fans how important a versatile 4 is.  We are pretty much even at every other position, but Griffin is going to eat Yi alive, and the Clippers will win.  (16-28).

Fri Jan. 29 vs Washington

Washington is poised for a huge turnaround this season.  They are getting Gilbert Arenas and DeShawn Stevenson back, they add Mike Miller and Kyle Lowry, and their young talent gets a year older.  If they don’t make the playoffs I will be surprised.  Gilbert Arenas is probably going to go off on us and the Wizards win.  (16-29).

Sun Jan. 31 vs Philadelphia

In my opinion a true point is the most important piece to have when you are building a team.  They set the table, set up your scorers, and run the offense.  Philadelphia is going to experiment with another strategy, Lou Williams has been named  the starting point, and their backup is going to be Jrue Holiday.  Running the point part time last year, Lou was pretty successful, but it will be interesting to see how he does during a full season at the point.  Brook Lopez has a great game and the Nets end their losing streak.  (17-29).

Tue Feb. 02 vs Detroit

I don’t see the Pistons making the playoffs this year.  Yes, they added some nice pieces in Ben Gordon and Charlie Villanueva, but I just don’t see those two guys improving the team by a lot.  Rip Hamiliton still has game, but he is aging.  When the Nets play the Pistons, we are going to get to see another nice contrast in styles at PG.  Both Stuckey and Harris are scoring points, but Harris uses his quickness while Stuckey uses his strength.  I see both these guys having a good game, but Terrence Williams and Courtney Lee combine to shut Rip down.  Nets Win.  (18-29).

Wed Feb. 03 @ Toronto

With Vince Carter gone, these games against Toronto are really going to lose some of it’s passion in my opinion.  Now the Raptors have no reason to boo any of the Nets players, and that lack of booing won’t be able to amp up the Nets.  No overtime or buzzer beaters today, just a ho-hum run of the mill win for the Nets.  (19-29).

Fri Dec. 05 @ Boston

The Nets go up against Boston’s big 5.  Is there a better starting lineup in the NBA than Rasheed Wallace, Rajon Rondo, Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett, and Ray Allen?  You got Big Baby struggling to get minutes off of the bench, but if he was acquired by the Nets, he would be starting.  That just shows you the difference in talent level of those two teams.  After winning the first game of their second hardest road-trip, the Nets drop this one.  (19-30).

Sat Feb. 06 @ Detroit

I am a big fan of Ben Gordon, so I have seen a lot of his games, and when he is on, there is nobody more fun to watch.  Gordon just spits in the face of teamwork and good shot selection, firing up a wide range of running threes, deep bombs, and crazy ass floaters.   The thing is, he will make a whole bunch of these.  I agree when Kenny Smith calls him “the best bad shot maker.”  He goes off this night for 40, and the Pistons win.  (19-31).

Tue Feb. 09 @ Cleveland

Anderson Varejao is one of those guys you hate to play against, but you love him if he is on your favorite team.  He just creates so much chaos everywhere (his hair really fits his play.  Is there anyone else you can say that about?).  Varejao’s draws (flops?) 3 early fouls on Brook Lopez, and the Nets are forced to play without their one advantage they have against the Cavs.  LeBron puts up another triple-double, and the Nets get blown away in this one.  (19-32).

Wed Feb. 10 vs Milwaukee

Michael Redd has the smoothest stroke in the NBA.  In my mind you can’t even make an argument for anyone else.  The craziest thing about all of this is that he was a second round pick.  Remember when he and Ray Allen were on the same team?  As for this game, I don’t really have too much to say about it, and it should be a snoozer.  The Nets win it though, so I am excited!  (20-32).

Tue Feb. 16 @ Charlotte

A lot of people are laughing at the Bobcats for the Chandler/Okafur trade, but we have to remember the Bobcats didn’t get some bum off the street.  If Tyson Chandler is healthy (granted, that is a big if), he is one of the leagues top centers (I am dead serious).  While he won’t put up the offensive numbers he did in New Orleans, he will have a pretty solid season.  Also when you watch this game, watch Gerald Wallace closely, this is what Terrence Williams has the potential to become (that wouldn’t be a bad thing at all).  Bobcats win. (20-33).

Wed Dec. 17 vs Miami

This would be an important game 2010 wise if Wade didn’t already say he wasn’t coming here.  He did have some kind words for the Nets organization though, which to me is a good thing.  Many people claim he was just saying the right thing, but what was his motivation for doing that?  I think that Wade meant what he said, and that endorsement could be huge when trying to land a big time FA next year.  Beasley has his biggest game of the year against Yi, and that propels the Heat to the win.  (20-34).

Fri Feb. 19 vs Toronto

Mark this down right now, Amir Johnson will be a candidate for Most Improved Player this year.  In Detroit, he always showed the talent, but there was a log-jam at his position.  In Toronto, he will be able to get minutes and I see him flourishing there.  Oh, Raptor fans won’t be ale to boo Vince anymore, but we do get the chance to boo Antione Wright.  Nets win.  (21-34).

Sun Feb. 21 vs Memphis

The two teams with the most 1st round draft picks over the next two years?  The Grizzlies and the Nets.  5 years down the line we are going to see where these two teams are at, and we are going to be able to judge who has/had the better front office.  In my opinion the Nets are already ahead after this draft.  Terrence Williams will be a better pro than Hasheem Thabeet.  Nets win.  (22-34).

Tue Feb. 23 vs Portland

Terrence Williams will most likely be defending Brandon Roy during this game.  Which is funny because Brandon is the one who helped teach Terrence how to play basketball when they were younger.  This is going to be a fun match-up to watch, but my eyes will be on Brook Lopez vs. Greg Oden (a battle of big men who have a chance to make team USA).  This could be a great test for Brook, and if he plays well, he could have a shot to make the team USA roster.  Brook plays well, but the Blazers win.  (22-35).

Sat Feb. 27 @ Boston

Eddie House seems like a jerk.  Nothing to say about the game, really.  Boston will blow out the Nets again.  (22-36).

Sun Feb. 28 vs Washington

Remember when Gilbert Arenas used to blog?  That was awesome, there was some great stuff in there.  From paintball battles with guys like Nick Young, to talking about how he bet fans in Portland he was going to hit a buzzer beater (and he did I believe).  Good stuff all around, and I hope it comes back now that he is back.  Wizards win.  (22-37).

Wed March 03 vs Cleveland

If the sorry-ass Knicks can get a whole LeBron movement together with t-shirts and everything, us Nets fans should be able to do it too.  Right here, right now I propose that we make some t-shirts that read “WitNETS” (get it?!), and wear them to this game to watch LeBron beat the Nets’ brains out.  (22-38).

Well there it is.  22-38 after 60 games.  If we are going to hit 30, we are going to have to go 8-14 over the final 22.  I think that is do-able, but will the schedule agree?  Stay tuned next week.