Breaking Down The Schedule (Part 2 of 4)

Part 1

It’s back, a day late, but it is back.  Last week, I broke down each of the first 20 games in the Nets’ schedule and determined that they would be 6-14.  In this week’s segment, I am going to look at the Nets’ next 22 games to bring us to the halfway point:

Tue Dec. 08 @ Chicago

Devin Harris vs. Derrick Rose is going to be a real interesting match-up.  They both have similar styles and play the same way (attacking the basket and having a jumper that is still a work in progress), the winner is going to be the one who takes pride in their defense.  We also get a close look at James Johnson, the PF I (and many other Nets fans) wanted to take before the VC trade.  The Nets win because Harris stops Rose more times than the other way around.  (7-14).

Wed Dec. 09 vs Golden State

This game has a chance to be one of the highest scoring games of the year, if the Nets run with Golden State.  Golden State doesn’t even pretend to try and play defense.  They have a plethora of young athletic freaks who can break out at any point.  If the Nets run with the Warriors, we will lose, plain and simple.  If the Nets slow the ball down and take advantage of their mismatch down low (Brook is way too strong for the Warriors’ big men), the Nets will win.  I see them doing that.  (8-14)

Fri Dec. 11 @ Indiana

Tyler Hansboro vs. Yi is an awesome contrast in styles.  Hansboro works down low and loves to bang against everyone.  Yi, despite bulking up this off-season likes to shoot from the outside, and even when he does take it inside, he uses his dribble to get there.  Pacers win this one. (8-15).

Sun Dec. 13 @ Atlanta

Josh Smith is an interesting player.  He is fantastic slashing to the basket, and taking defenders off of the dribble.  However, he is in love with his jumper.  If coach Mike Woodson can get him to attack the basket, the Hawks will win.  I think the Nets’ defenders will slouch off and allow him to settle for jumpers, and the Nets will win.  (9-15).

Tue Dec. 15 @ Cleveland

LeBron gets his first look at the Nets roster up close.  He should be impressed with all of the young talent on the roster, and hopefully he will take that into consideration if he enters free agency.  However on this night, he still plays for the Cavs, and he puts up a triple-double in a double-digit loss for the Nets.  (9-16).

Wed Dec. 16 vs Utah

Carlos Boozer arrives to New Jersey, but not to play for them, but to play for the Jazz.  The way the Jazz run the pick and roll is what I eventually want to see Devin Harris and Brook Lopez doing.  Both of their games fit the pick and roll perfectly, and I hope that it is utilized more this year.  As for this game, the Jazz pick and roll us to death, and they win. (9-17).

Fri Dec. 18 @ Toronto

Andrea Bargnani is the man many people want Yi to become, so it is going to be interesting to see how these two play each other.  Yi seems to be better with his handle than Barngnani, but Andrea is a much better shooter right now.  Chris Bosh goes off and the Nets lose.  (9-18).

Sat Dec. 19 vs LA Lakers

Andrew Bynum returns to the state where he played his high school ball.  Funny story, I played against him in high school my senior year, and his team beat my team three times that year.  In the last game, he blocked one of my runners into the stands at St. Joes.  He probably doesn’t even remember it, but that is etched in my memory.  Oh yeah, Kobe torches the Nets.  (9-19).

Wed Dec. 23 vs Minnesota

Like I said in part one, this is an awesome game match-up wise.  Book vs. Love and Flynn vs. Harris.  Flynn will be a lot different in this second matchup with some experience under his belt, so I see him having a real good game, but New Jersey the Nets are much more talented than the Wolves (you won’t hear that much).  (10-19).

Sat Dec. 26 vs Houston

With Yao gone, the Rockets are once again Tracy McGrady’s team.  Will he stay healthy this year?  I don’t know, but I do know (or think) that Trevor Ariza will struggle more to get his shot off with Kobe not around.  With Yao out of the picture, this game won’t be the ratings explosion it has been in the past.  I think Yi will take it upon himself to put the ball in the hoop this game.  (11-19).

Mon Dec. 28 vs Oklahoma City

The Nets are currently in the middle of a real easy stretch, the easiest stretch of the entire season in fact.  In this one, you got Russell Westbrook vs. Devin Harris.  What makes this match up interesting is these two may be fighting it out for a final roster spot on Team USA next summer.  Both had great workouts in Las Vegas, and I think Devin will get the upper hand personally and team wise.  (12-19)

Wed Dec. 30 vs New York

The Nets are officially streaking at this point, and this should continue against the Knicks.  Remember when Jordan Hill was projected to be a top three pick?  That didn’t last…the Knicks might think they got a steal with him, but the real steal is Toney Douglass, he is going to be a great player, and I think that he may win the Knicks’ starting job before the year is over.  (13-19)

Sat Jan. 02 vs Cleveland

This is one of those much talked about jersey games.  The big question here is whether or not the reversible LeBron jerseys will outnumber the real ones.  LeBron gets his first (and hopefully) not last taste of playing in front of Nets’ fans and good buddy Jay-Z.  Mo Williams will be the hero in this one.  (13-20).

Tue Jan. 05 vs Milwaukee

Joe Budden will surely be in town to watch his boy Brandon Jennings play against the Nets.  Joe Alexander vs. Terrence Williams (hopefully he will have a starting/6th spot locked up by now) is going to be a fun matchup to watch.  I got the Nets winning.  (14-20).

Wed Jan. 06 @ Atlanta

After a long stretch of home games, the Nets are finally back on the road, and the losses will start to pile up again.  Joe Johnson is an interesting name.  He is going to be a free agent next year, and it will be interesting to see if the Nets peruse him.  We already have a ton of guys who play his spot, but if Rod and Kiki don’t think they are the answer, Johnson is someone who may find himself playing for the Nets next year.  Hawks win.  (14-21).

Fri Jan. 08 @ New Orleans

I think that the Hornets won the trade with the Bobcats that saw them send away Tyson Chandler and get Emeka Okefor in return.  Emeka is going to benefit from having Chris Paul lobbing up beautiful alley-oops to him game-in and game-out.  I think that he will shut Brook down in this one.  (14-22).

Sun Jan. 10 @ San Antonio

David Robinson and Tim Duncan was probably the best big man combo in recent memory.  I think that Brook Lopez and Chris Bosh (please come to the Nets Chris!) could duplicate this.  Another thing to note is the speed of the two starting point guards in this one.  Tony Parker vs. Devin Harris.  If these two guys get going, it is going to be a track meet.  Another great matchup is going to be Tim Duncan vs. Brook Lopez.  Spurs win.  (14-23).

Wed Jan. 13 vs Boston

Another match-up of point guards with similar styles here.  Rondo vs. Harris.  This one will go to whoever has their jumper going.  We don’t really have anyone to stop Sheed or KG, so the Celtics should run away with this one. (14-24).

Fri Jan. 15 vs Indiana

Danny Granger is a real good basketball player.  He can do so much out there, but there is a problem, he really doesn’t have anyone to put the basketball in his hands.  Is Earl Watson going to be their starting point?  Could be.  The Pacers really haven’t had a solid point since Tinsley (pre-brawl & pre-strip club fighting).  Nets win to end the losing streak.  (15-24).

Mon Jan. 18 @ LA Clippers

If Yi plays like he did last year, Blake Griffin is going to tear him a new one.  Griffin is like a more athletic Tyler Hansboro, and I see him ripping apart the Nets.  Thankfully that team seems like it is only going to be him and Eric Gordon, so the Nets should be able to run away with this one.  (16-24).

Wed Jan. 20 @ Phoenix

It is going to be interesting to see if the Suns trade Amare.  The Suns seem like they are and the decline, and Amare may not really fit in with their plans.  If Amare is playing for the Suns when the two teams meet, it is going to be fun to watch him vs. Brook Lopez.  Amare is just athleticism mixed with strength, while Brook is technique, size, and strength.  It will be interesting to see who wins out.  I think it will be Amare. (16-25).

Fri Jan. 22 @ Golden State

With Golden State being home, I see them being able to shove their run and gun style down the Nets throat.  While the Nets should be able to play that game, I think they would be better off slowing it down against the Warriors.  The Nets run this night though, and they lose the game because of  it. (16-26).

With the rough opening stretch behind them the Nets come out and play pretty well over the next 22.  I see them going 10-12, and they seem to be right on track for my 30-35 win pace I got them being at.

Published by Sebastian Pruiti