Bojan Bogdanovic Does The Michael Jordan: 6-For-6 From 3 (HIGHLIGHTS)


All it was missing was the Jordan shrug. Nets guard Bojan Bogdanovic hit a career-high six three-pointers on six attempts Friday night, helping the Nets extend what could’ve become a close game into a 117-80 laugher.

“We have guys who can take off on you,” Thaddeus Young said. “Today, Bogie got off.”

Bogdanovic scored 22 points on 7-12 shooting, leading a bench unit that scored 54 on the night. He credited his teammates for finding him with open looks, though by the end he was just hitting every shot that came his way.

“We play great pick-and-roll,” Bogdanovic said. “Our point guards, they find us, also Brook (Lopez) is killing everything, so they have to trap him, so there are many open looks for the guards.”

A couple of Bogdanovic’s looks just came from good ball movement: either he lurked on the weak side of the floor and waited for a pass, or trailed the play and hit a three from the top of the key. Enjoy.