Bloggers Talk: Phoenix Suns

Nets fans at the Izod Center will get their last look at Amare’ Stoudamire tonight before he potentially hits the open market this summer. Meanwhile, here to explain the future of Phoenix Suns organization is Michael Schwartz, blogger for TrueHoop Suns site, Valley of the Suns.

NAS:  If the postseason started today, the Suns would be the #4 seed with a tough first round matchup with the Nuggets. Do you think the Suns have the ability to go on any kind of a sustained run, or is there a “happy to be there” mentality with this team’s fans?

First off the Suns are going to have a tough first-round matchup no matter where they’re seeded. The West is just that good. I don’t think there’s a “happy to be there” mentality, not with how close this team was a couple years ago, especially since this could be the last hurrah of the Amare-Nash Suns. This team has won eight in a row and is the hottest squad in the NBA. When Robin was healthy, they were also starting to play the kind of D that combined with the league’s best offense made you think a run was possible.

NAS:  With Amare Stoudamire likely opting out and Steve Nash getting older, is the window officially closing on this organization and their recent run of success?

Like I say above, maybe. It all depends on Amare. If he re-signs, they won’t miss a beat. All of their young players (Lopez, Dragic, Dudley, Clark) will only get better, and Nash doesn’t look like a player who’s slowing down. But if they lose Amare, obviously it’s rebuilding time around those young guys, and this so-called window will be shut.

NAS:  Since the Nets are looking to spend some serious cash on this year’s FA class, and Stoudemire is one of the few guys out there who seems open to playing in NJ, make the case for or against him coming to the Nets.

Amare seems opens to playing in any city that will open the checkbook for him. If you look at the official record, you will see he’s flirted with every team that has cap space, while maintaining that 50/50 he might come back to Phoenix. The best chance the Nets have is winning the John Wall lottery. Amare wants to win and if he sees a young exciting crew headlined by Wall moving to Brooklyn eventually and willing to throw a ton of money at him, he might jump. From the New Jersey perspective, that could be a great investment because I don’t see Amare being the best player on a championship team ever, but if you have Wall as the lead guy flanked by a dominant big man duo of Amare and Brook Lopez plus a couple solid young swingman, let’s just say the Nets wouldn’t be threatening any worst records ever.