Bloggers Talk: Minnesota Timberwolves

Ah, the Minnesota Timberwolves … While the Nets had a lot go wrong for them to start the season 0-18, probably nothing was more critical than their season opening loss to the Wolves after leading by 17 points in the second half. Still, we shouldn’t let our bitter hatred for the team prevent us from catching up with Patrick Hodgdon from Howlin Wolf about the T’Wolves.

NAS: Despite the fact that the Wolves had a few more wins than the Nets, there are a few NBA pundits who think the Nets are the better team. Make your case as to why the Wolves, are, at the very least, better than the Nets.

Well the answer to this question ties in to your third as well. Basically Kevin Love is the difference for the Wolves right now who are playing much better with him than they were before him. Without him I think you could make a case for the Nets but with him I think the Wolves hold the edge.

NAS: Nets fans have already started the John Wall watch. Any buzz in Minnesota about the prospective #1 draft pick in 2010?

Definitely a lot of buzz here. It would be pretty high comedy if the Wolves were to finally land the #1 pick with Wall on the board especially after everyone tore them apart for all their point guard love this past summer. That being said they would then have the market cornered to an extent with 4 very good young point guards and the ability to trade away two of them for some help on the wing. I am pretty confident that Kahn could look like a genius here but others (cough, Matt Moore @ HP, cough) think I’m off the deep-end drinking the kool-aid.

NAS: How has Kevin Love looked since his return from injury?

Really, really good. I should have a post up shortly on just how good he has been. Short version: Love is arguably our best player at 4 different things: rebounding (best in the league arguably), passing, shooting, and defending. He’s been the same beast on the boards as he was as a rookie if not better and has even added 3-point range to his game which this team desperately needs. It’s amazing to have a power forward who can not only stretch the D with his range but grab 4+ offensive rebounds as well.

NAS: And speaking of injuries, is Al Jefferson getting some of his explosiveness back? Watching him on opening night, there just seemed to be something off about him.

It’s been pretty up and down for Al this season but lately he’s been looking more like himself. He’s at about 80-90% back I’d say. Putting up 20/10 but not the 25/12 he was before he went down last season.