Bloggers Talk: Detroit Pistons

It’s the Pistons last visit to the Izod Center tonight and here tonight. Could it end with win #9 for the Nets? Here to tell us about the future of the Pistons is Dan Feldman, from Piston Powered.

NAS: It’s hard to be a Pistons fan these days it appears, but Detroit is coming to town to face a team that’s endured even more misery this season. As a fan, it is easier to stomach the mess that the Pistons are currently, or challenging the worst record of all time like the Nets?

No question, I’d rather win more games like the Pistons have. But the Nets’ season has probably been less dissapointing because their expectations were lower. Nobody thought they would challenge Philadelphia’s record, but I didn’t see them in the playoffs. I thought Detroit would make it.

NAS: You posted on your site that Pistons GM Joe Dumars has openly said he will use the team’s mid-level exception this summer. On first blush, is there anyone out there worth the MLE that can turn things around quickly for Detroit?

With all the Pistons’ injuries this year, I’m not convinced they’re that far from the playoffs. Their roster is too guard-heavy, so they need a big man who can defend and score inside a little bit. Someone like Drew Gooden could fit the bill. He’s obviously not a game-changer, but the Pistons might not need one (or be able to get one, for that matter).

NAS: Other than the MLE, what are the top priorities for the Pistons this summer?

The top priority has to be the draft. The Pistons will pick in the lottery for the first time since Darko and only the second time in the Joe Dumars era (he also picked Rodney White, another bust). That means the Pistons have been fortunate enough to make the playoffs most years, but it’s also pretty remarkable they had such a great run without their own lottery talent. Look around the league, and nearly every team is built around a player or players it drafted in the lottery. It’s the simplest road to success, one Detroit will try to travel down this summer.