Billy King: “It’s not about wins and losses, It’s about how we’re playing”

Billy King

Billy King
Billy King
After a listless 2-5 start, with four of those losses coming to sub-.500 teams, is Brooklyn Nets GM Billy King hitting the panic button? Not quite yet. King spoke with Sam Amick of USA TODAY before the team’s loss to the Sacramento Kings, and King preached patience about his new roster.

The Nets currently rank 17th in the NBA in points allowed per possession, and King attributes that to working out the kinks in a defensive system. He cited a play against the Indiana Pacers as an example of that communiation. “(The Pacers) ran a pin-down (screen), and KG got hung up with Brook getting out, (Pacers forward David) West hits a big jumper, and those are the things that as the season goes on they’ll become more in sync,” King told Amick.

Amick threw out a barometer of 25 games to see where your team really ranks, and King agreed. “I want to see where we are at that point,” King said. “It’s not about wins and losses. It’s about how we’re playing. I learned that from Larry Brown. You get caught up in the wins and losses, but you’ve got to start making sure that you’re playing a certain way. I saw some of that in the Indiana game. … It’s not about what our record is right now. It’s about how we play, and we’ve got to limit our turnovers, but our defense — I like how we’re getting better at that. The offense will come. Guys are going to make shots. Paul and KG, they haven’t scored as many points. But it’s like riding a bike. They’ll figure that part out.”

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