Billy King Appears on WFAN To Talk Nets

Earlier today Nets GM appeared on WFAN to talk about yesterday’s debacle, I mean trades.

Here are some of the soundbites from said interview:
On the decision to give up a draft pick in trading for Gerald Wallace: Billy stood by the fact that the draft is not always a guaranteed win, saying: “Just because you’re high in the draft, doesn’t mean your going to get a player who will turn your franchise around.” He mentioned Derrick Favors as a player the Nets drafted high in the draft but that didn’t work out. He also cited MarShon Brooks and Lou Williams (of the Sixers) as players drafted later that are impact players. Billy said “there are lots of ways to go about the draft.”
On Gerald Wallace: The move to bring him in was “for this year and next year” and when asked if he was given any indication if Wallace will opt out of his contract at the end of the season, Billy simply said he’s had “conversations with Wallace’s representation.” He didn’t get into specifics, but did say that the Nets got a starting small-forward and a former All-Star. He also said Deron was consulted before the deal was made.
On Deron Williams re-signing: King refused to give specifics on his conversations with Deron Williams, calling them “private,” but he says he and Deron have deep conversations and that he is confident he will return to the Nets. He also said that Deron knows the Nets’ plan and vision for the future. King said that at no point did he consider trading Williams and that he did not get any significant offer for him, likely because of his no-trade stance. When asked to give a percentage of how confident King was Williams would re-sign King balked, but simply said the percentage is “very high.”
Other tidbits:

  • King said he is in conversations with Gerald Green’s agent about signing him through next year.
  • On re-signing Brook Lopez King said he’ll have those conversations with Brook’s agent when the time comes but it’s about “doing what’s right for Brook Lopez and what’s right for the organization.”
  • When Joe and Evan tried baiting Billy into talking about Carmelo Anthony and if they were lucky he didn’t want to come to the Nets, Billy elected for a humorous “no comment.”