Bill Clinton: The Nets are better this year

Ball Clinton. (AP)
Ball Clinton. (AP)

With his better half mired in a presidential campaign, Bill Clinton still finds time for the leisurely things. This past Monday, Clinton took in the Nets-Bucks game at Barclays Center, sitting center-court courtside. Clinton attended the game with Bucks owner Marc Lasry.

YES Network had a chance to catch up with Clinton during the game.

It’s not Clinton’s first game at Barclays Center, and ever the politician, he’s optimistic about the state of the team. “Even though they haven’t won this year, they’re better than they were last year,” Clinton told YES Network’s Sarah Kustok. “You can tell they’re playing together better.”

Psst: Bill, Brooklyn is already strongly Democratic. You don’t need to butter them up any more.

“Brook Lopez is healthy,” Clinton added. “I like him very much, he went to Africa with me on behalf of the NBA along with Dawn Staley of the WNBA. And we had the best time, came over and said hi tonight during the game, I like them. And I think Joe’s got some young help, which is good.”

As Clinton noted, he and Lopez go way back. The two spent the aforementioned time together two summers ago in Africa for charitable endeavors, and the two posed for a photo with Jason Collins and Robin Lopez last summer.

Clinton also thinks that Lionel Hollins has sticking power with the team, even as Bovada recently released odds that mark Hollins as the second-most likely coach to get fired next, and spoke glowingly of Barclays Center. “I love it. First if all, it’s been great for Brooklyn. Brooklyn is a great place. For people that don’t know New York, they really don’t understand that it’s a whole new city in a wonderful way.”

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