Big Baby Coming To NJ Via Sign And Trade?

Update: Fred Kerber is reporting that both sides are denying the rumor:

There are reports that the Nets and Celtics are working on a sign and trade for Glen “Big Baby” Davis and that it could happen real soon with the Nets surrendering Yi Jianlian.

That’s news to both sides.

People in Boston and New Jersey both squashed the notion. Nets insiders confirm that there have been inquiries about Davis “to see what’s up and what they’re looking for,” one source said. Both sides insist they have not been working on a sign and trade.

The on again off again Glen “Big Baby” Davis rumors are once again heating up, but this one is a little different.  There are many reports coming out of Boston (nothing out of NJ papers/blogs yet) saying that the Nets are thinking about moving a player for Big Baby in a sign and trade.  Justin Poulin who runs CelticStuffLive, says that the move is “close to a done deal.”  There is no word on who the player the Nets would be shipping to Boston is, but Tom Halzack from the CT Post says gives us three names he thinks it is narrowed down to; Yi Jianlian, Eduardo Najera, and Sean Williams:

It could be Yi Jianlian for Baby straight up, as Alex suggests. The Nets have been hot and cold on him since they got him. They know he needs playing time to develop, but even on a rebuilding team, he wasn’t getting consistent minutes. While many will debate who is the better player, it will be swapping a lottery pick for a second rounder.

Before everyone thinks it’s a complete coup, remember the rumors were Yi would be a Celtic now, if the Celtics didn’t trade the pick as part of getting Ray Allen. But getting him back with a second round pick is savvy on Danny’s part anyway – unless you think that Davis will be the better player over his career.

Davis has better inside numbers, though Yi is a better outside shot. Yi has shown some ability to be a passer, and is athletic, but has zero post game (.465 eFG% inside).

The other option would be hard working, but oft injured energy guy, Eduardo Najera, possibly straight up, or possibly with a second rounder throw in. Even more remote, Sean Williams and Eddie together. Their salaries are $4.7 combined. Eddie’s recovered from sports hernia surgery on March 13, and is playing ball for Mexico in the FIBA Americ’a Cup.

I like Najera. With limited skills, he plays a nice game around the hoop, is a team guy, and will try to do anything you ask of him. A bad jump shooter (.321 eFG%), he’s strong around the hoop (.657 eFG%) and offensive rebounds very well – 17.5% of all possibilities in last year’s injury abbreviated season (27 games).

Sean Williams – If the Cs get Sean and Marbury to go with Rasheed, I hope that Doc Rivers has a blood pressure machine near by. I’d love to be a fly on the wall at those practices. Williams has been considered an attitude problem. A terrific shot blocker, he has to learn to play the game. Kind of a 6? 10? Gerald Green, I’d guess. He is reported to not be more than 6? 9? either. After some D-league time and tough love with the Nets, maybe he’s going to mature. Maybe.

Saying that, he does bring a nice skill to a second unit. It is one skill that this Big Three version of the Celtics hasn’t had. A shot blocker on the second unit.  But he could be POB all over again, if he doesn’t play team defense and so far…. he doesn’t.

If it’s Williams, there is either another player involved or a first rounder thrown in, I’d say.

There has been no mention of a third team involved. It’s straight Nets/Celtics deal.

In conclusion, I’d take any of the players mentioned in a fair deal. Yi is a project in my opinion. Najera would be a good Celtic right now. Williams – who knows.

I find it funny that Celtics fans are already trying to put a positive spin on a Big Baby/Yi deal saying that it is a lottery pick for a second rounder.  While this is true, Big Baby in my opinion has shown that he could be a very solid player, and he has been consistent for the Celtics.  Consistency is a word that has never been used for Yi, but if he eventually “gets it,” he still has a chance at becoming a great player.

Another name that could be in this deal that Tom didn’t mention is Keyon Dooling.  He said the reason being that the C’s are probably going to end up re-signing Stephon Marbury.  However, if the C’s want a real solid back-up point they should look up Dooling.  With the addition of Rafer Alston to our roster, he has become expendable, and while he played great last year, he is coming off of surgery and he is getting up there in years.  Now would be a perfect chance to get a high return for him.  Plus if we get Big Baby for Dooling, we can have a pretty solid Big Baby/Yi split at the 4 spot, with Big Baby starting.  Big Baby tends to get in to foul trouble a lot, so it would be nice to have Yi ready to go in for him if that does happen.

I wouldn’t understand why the C’s would trade for Eduardo or Sean Williams straight up (Eduardo is coming off of major surgery and Sean Williams has been a mental problem ever since he became at Net), so if we can get Big Baby for either of those guys, I would do it in a heartbeat.  That being said, if I would have to guess right now, the deal would be Yi/Big Baby.  Yi has been someone the Celtics have been looking at for a little while now, and it is a deal that both teams are in favor of.