Barclays Center, worth $1 billion, forgot to buy toilet paper

You know, the oculus does kind of look like…. oh, never mind.

If you’re like me and lived with roommates, you know the worst kind of roommate (other than the one who converts your closet into a meth lab) is the one who uses all the toilet paper and either forgets to buy more or doesn’t tell anyone. No matter what, whoever figures this out always does at the most inopportune moment. Not fun. For anyone.

Well, it appears that the Barclays Center is that roommate, and he did more than forget to add to the shopping list. From DNAinfo:

Department of Health inspectors this month hit the freshly opened arena’s Calvin Klein Courtside Club with four violation points after they discovered the bathroom at the exclusive lounge was “not maintained and provided with toilet paper, waste receptacle and self-closing door.”

The Courtside Club is among nearly 40 restaurants and concessionaires at the Barclays Center that have already been subjected to a round of inspections by the Department of Health, which issues the city’s restaurant grades.

None of the restaurants or vendors at Barclays Center have received final grades yet from the Department of Health, but some were issued violations during initial inspections, carried out in some cases before the arena opened with on Sept. 28.

A few concessionaires got slapped with “critical” violations that could result in poor letter grades if not corrected. The Honda Club, another premium lounge area, received 12 violation points because inspectors found flies, and because the facility wasn’t “vermin-proof” during an Oct. 2 inspection.

The club was also missing a “wash hands” sign at its “handwashing facility.”

Some of the other violations in concession stands in the arena, worth approximately $1 billion:

  • A “wash hands” sign was also absent at the 40/40 Club, MGM Foxwoods Bar, the L&B Spumoni Gardens and Beer Room, and at the South Suite Stoli Bar
  • The Robert Mondavi Winery was issued 13 violation points for having flies, for not being “vermin-proof,” and for having an improperly constructed “non-food contact surface”

These violations, while somewhat egregious and kind of silly, are mostly minor, and the article does note that “all 50 of the arena food vendors subject to Department of Health review passed inspection and will be issued permits.”