Barclays Center installs 10,000 pound statue under Oculus

She Barclays Center Statue

Barclays Center has another bit of culture attached to it:

She Barclays Center Statue

A week ago today, Barclays revealed “Ona” (or “She” in Polish), a 20-foot, 10,000-pound sculpture designed by famed sculptor Ursula von Rydingsvard. The statue, seated in Daily News Plaza under the Oculus, received stunning praise in an article in the Daily News. (cough.)

The statue’s composition is as follows:

Von Rydingsvard created the work by collecting pieces of cedar wood from forests in Canada, stacking them and then hacking at them with a chainsaw. The resulting wooden model was then sent to a foundry where it was cast in bronze to be placed as a permanent fixture on the Plaza, visible to commuters and residents as they step off the subway at the Atlantic Ave. stop.

Aw man, here I was hoping it was made out of the remnants of Reggie Evans’s beard.

That said, the statue looks kind of cool, if a bit out of place. It’s safe to say it won’t replace the Oculus as the arena’s signature mark, but it’s not a black mark that’ll forever smear the Daily News Plaza’s reputation. The statue’s also not obtrusive and won’t block any traffic into the arena. That said, I’m not sure what, if anything, She’s supposed to signify.

Closer shot below. You can decide for yourself:

She Barclays Center Statue

New York Daily News — Massive sculpture at Barclays Center earns oversized praise from commuters