Barclays Center to Host Harlem Globetrotters, Playing in Brooklyn for the First Time

Special K Daley & Tiny Sturgess tour Barclays Center

Before a single official Brooklyn Nets game ever hits the Barclays Center, an alternative professional team will hit the floor: the world-famous Harlem Globetrotters. Despite 24,000 games played in 120 countries in the past 86 years, the Globetrotters never took the floor in Brooklyn, but all that will change October 7th at 5 P.M. “Brooklyn is an amazing place, from its storied sports history to the distinct neighborhoods to the cultural offerings,” says Globetrotters CEO Kurt Schneider. “The entire organization is looking forward to this historic event and seeing the new venue with our fans.” Tickets go on sale June 27th.

As an aside, if you’re a basketball fan and like books, I recommend John Christgau’s Tricksters in the Madhouse, a detailed history and recount of a 1948 game between the Harlem Globetrotters and NBA powerhouse Minneapolis Lakers.