Barclays Center area “cesspool” of public urination

After it was revealed last week that Barclays Center didn’t properly stock toilet paper for its clubs, DNAinfo is back with a new report today, noting that local residents have complained about Barclays Center patrons using the public in non-public ways:

Neighbors say patrons at the newly opened Barclays Center are using local sidewalks as urinals, even peeing on a community garden across from the new arena.

“It was a cesspool,” said one perturbed resident. “The stench was so bad, it was there the next day.”

The public urination complaints were aired at the first meeting of the Barclays Center quality of life committee this week, where local groups sat down with arena representatives to discuss how the new venue has affected the neighborhood since its opening in September.

City Council members Letitia James and Stephen Levin said their offices have been flooded with complaints about public peeing, especially on Pacific Street and South Portland Avenue in Fort Greene. Others at the meeting reported seeing public urinators as far away as Third Avenue.

A greenthumbed resident who tends the Brooklyn Bears Community Garden on Pacific Street and Flatbush Avenue said she watched in horror on the arena’s opening night when a patron almost relieved himself on some of the garden’s greenery.

“He was about to release himself on the bushes and I told him, ‘Hey, the plants!,'” said Michelle R., a member of the garden who didn’t want her last name used. “He was right by the rose bushes, poor babies, a few feet from the grape vines I planted this year.”

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