Around the Nets Wednesday: Youth & Rebirth Edition

Around the Nets Wednesday: Youth & Rebirth Edition
  • Draft watch: If the Nets lose tomorrow to Toronto, their best bet comes if Sacramento and New Orleans each win their next game, and Cleveland wins both of their games. In that case, they’d be tied for third with Sacramento and New Orleans, giving them a 38% chance of landing in the top 3. (If Cleveland goes 1-1, that brings that number down to about 34%.) Worst-case? If the Nets win tomorrow and all three of those teams lose (or the Cavs go 1-1), the Nets would then be tied for 7th with Golden State, giving them just a 12.5% chance of landing in the top 3.

  • Video of the last points scored in New Jersey, on a floater by Armon Johnson.
  • The Nets sure do pack up fast.
  • I know you’re not going to expect this, but Brook Lopez recorded a podcast with Marvel Comics. He wore a Magneto t-shirt, and when asked what superhero he’d be: “Beast. I went to Stanford, and I’m pretty intellectual.” Fun listen.

  • And the team’s most improved player is…
  • Former Net Sean Williams has found a temporary home with the Boston Celtics. Williams also attended Boston College.

  • The Wall Street Journal has a suggestion for the Nets, one that’s come far too late: drop a nickname altogether.

  • A recap of the Springfield Armor’s best season ever.