Around the Nets Wednesday: King’s Ransom

  • Thought number 2, on Brooklyn Nets GM Billy King: “The GM is under a ton of pressure to deliver this off-season. The lottery was a disaster for them losing their pick to the Blazers due to the Gerald Wallace trade. Now Wallace can opt out of his deal as well and demand a longer term deal. I like Wallace but he’s got lots of ‘city miles’ on him from all his great hustle over the years. Not sure he’s a guy that you give big money or a long-term deal. Deron Williams can walk as a free agent, which would be a devastating development. Dwight Howard? Who knows how that will work out. Moving to Brooklyn, the expectations will increase to produce W’s and compete with the Knicks for the back page. Lots of moving parts in play and a huge deal of scrutiny will exist in the next few months. Better produce on the big stage.”

  • Season in review: Shelden Williams.
  • Just two Nets point guards, cruisin’ through Cali.
  • The Brooklyn Nets are one of three teams expressing interest in 31-year-old Spanish point guard Carlos Cabezas.

  • Okay, this is just… hilarious.
  • Deron Williams is one of the faces of the brand new XBox Kinect video game designed to play basketball with your whole body.

  • Speaking of D-Will, the “bring him down South” wind is blowing west to Phoenix.

  • The Dallas Mavericks intend to make a major offer to Indiana Pacers center and RFA Roy Hibbert. Hibbert would add some youth to their franchise and would upgrade their center position considerably, but they’d have to throw an enormous offer at him to get the Pacers not to match it, strapping them further for cash as they need to overcome cap hurdles in the first place.