Around the Nets Wednesday: King Me

Most Nets-related news today came out of Billy King’s mouth yesterday, at a press conference held in their practice facility:

  • Leading tweet from yesterday: Deron Williams is leaning towards re-signing with the Brooklyn Nets.

  • Also from Stefan Bondy: the Nets will meet with Bojan Bogdanovic in Istanbul on May 9th.
  • Billy King: “confident” Deron Williams will stay: “Obviously, Deron and Gerald Wallace are key pieces that we would like back in the fold. (And) Brook Lopez. (And Gerald Green.) They are major, big-time free agents, and you add Humphries in there as a starting four. So, you look at those guys and I didn’t do it in any order. I’m just trying to think as you go through the 11 in my head. But those four, I think, are core pieces that you’ve got to look to build with going forward.”

  • King also wants to re-sign Gerald Wallace to a multi-year contract: “I told him that in his [exit] meeting as well that he deserves a multiyear deal. The reality is, being 30 years old, this is probably one of his last chances to get a nice contract. Our goal is to try to get him to the point where he’s comfortable with the numbers, we’re comfortable with the numbers and we keep him in the fold.” Wallace was never going to sign an extension or opt in to his contract after all.

  • King feels no pressure: “People say, ‘Is there pressure because [owner Mikhail Prokhorov] said we’re going to win a championship in five years?’ No, that’s a great goal; I’d rather have an owner saying that than, ‘Don’t lose me money.’ You know?”

  • The owner of a vacant property near the Barclays Center turned down Hooters.

  • One Dallas writer thinks if the Mavericks don’t sign Darren Deron Williams this offseason, their entire season is “a wash.”