Around the Nets Tuesday: Questions and Answers

  • In today’s foray with Dallas journalists that pine over Deron Williams, Rick Gosselin doesn’t see D-Will as the sole catalyst: “Dallas has one superstar, and he’s aging. The Heat has three superstars who are all relatively young. The Thunder has an entire roster of youth. Even if the Mavs added Deron Williams, I don’t see them catching either the Thunder or Heat in 2013.”

  • Is The Answer the answer? (The answer: No.)
  • Some local residents near Atlantic Yards are none too happy with the attitudes of the construction workers.

  • The Brooklyn Nets lead the Denver Stiffs’ Stiff List: “Sending Irina Pavlova to the draft lottery can’t distract Nets fans away from their myriad of issues right now.”

  • Rod Thorn, former Nets President/GM and current Philadelphia 76ers president of basketball operations, may not have his job much longer.