Around the Nets Tuesday: Did you hear the Nets moved?

  • Short AtN today, since the Nets news from the past day is 15 billion articles nationwide on the Nets logos. I’ll spare you the aggregate.
  • Jason Gay: It’s not a slam-dunk. There are already too many T-shirts and styles that clutter out the good ones; I think the Nets nickname is a yawn; and I’m not so jazzed about the black-and-white color combo, which seems a little ’90s passe. But it could be much worse. At least 70% of the NBA is worse. If nothing else, the low-fi Nets look is a successful break from the very bad modern habit of designing sports logos like they’re for outlaw rebel Jet-Ski teams. An adult can wear one of these shirts without feeling he or she is 12, or lives in an apartment above their parents’ garage.

  • Billy King has been in touch with Larry Brown about Jerrence Howard, Brown’s new assistant coach at SMU.

  • Joseph Berger: Marty Markowitz was 12 years old when the Dodgers shattered his adolescent heart and left Ebbets Field for Los Angeles. He even took part in a demonstration to press the team’s owner, Walter O’Malley, to change his mind, a baby step in the political career he capped by becoming Brooklyn’s borough president. The news conference announcing the Nets’ new colors. Some fans were optimistic the team could overcome its futile history. “I cried like a baby,” Mr. Markowitz recalled. “A lot of us cried. Family, religion and sports basically bring people together, and not having a national sports team since 1957 was an emptiness that has never been filled.”

  • The New York Islanders may soon follow the Nets to Brooklyn.