Around the Nets Monday: D-Will, D-Will, D-Will

Good morning, Nets fans! I took a couple of days off from updating your favorite Nets blog to enjoy the NBA playoffs and the outdoors. Please forgive me. As a thank you, I shower you with many Nets-related links, and more thoughts coming later today.

  • Former Nets point guard Jason Kidd thinks the Brooklyn Nets are going to make a “splash.” He also wink-winks at a desire to back up Deron Williams — someone he shares an agent with, and someone he’ll play golf with this offseason — and play until he’s 41.

  • Surprising no one, Dirk Nowitzki wants Deron Williams in Dallas.

  • Marc Stein cites sources close to Deron that say there’s no better than a 50% chance that D-Will flees to Dallas.

  • I don’t know how much this means, and frankly, it could mean nothing. But reading her on my Twitter timeline, Amy Williams seems very happy in Brooklyn.

  • Speaking of signings and franchises hanging in the balance, Billy King has his work cut out for him this summer building (and possibly re-building) the Brooklyn Nets.

  • James Whall of the Star-Ledger investigates the curious state of the “Jersey” sports identity. Interesting read.

  • Your off-Nets link of the day goes to Joey Crawford, who tells some interesting stories that accompany the lifetime referee gig.