Around the Nets: Friday 10/21 Edition

The NBA Lockout is getting ugly, and may last a long time.

The Barclays Center, from above.

Deron Williams posted his second blog entry yesterday, and he talks about his team’s improved play, his new role, his coach, the dynamic with his teammates, and how his wife sold him on Turkey rather than the other way around. Also: he needs a new backpack, and fast.

The Springfield Armor is still in the process of putting its roster together, but they’ll have at least three returnees, including the team’s all-time leader in points, assists and steals.

Jordan Farmar was relatively inconsequential in Maccabi Tel Aviv’s loss to Milan yesterday.

Carmelo Anthony sees the Izod Center as a potential barnstorming all-star game location. Considering that the Izod Center isn’t being used for much nowadays, and the NBA (read: Nets) left the Izod Center without fulfilling their contractual obligation, don’t be surprised if they welcome the players with open arms. That said, despite the previous article’s note to the contrary, the Prudential Center is open to the idea of a “Lockout League.”