Around The Nets: 10/14 Edition

Around The Nets: 10/14 Edition
  • Deron Williams is teaming up with ESPN New York to deliver his “Blog From Abroad,” detailing his experiences in Turkey. In the first edition, D-Will talks Turkish culture, family, assimilation, and his exploding Xbox.
  • Speaking of which, we’re now at the top 15 of’s #NBARank, and D-Will is yet unranked.
  • Jordan Farmar scored 9 points (4-11 from the field) and dished out 4 assists in a 78-74 victory over Hapoel Jerusalem. According to viewer Noam Schiller, it was his worst game in a Maccabi uniform, a byproduct of calling his own number too much. Sounds familiar.
  • Despite leaving the Right Cause Party (which split soon after), Mikhail Prokhorov says he’s not done with politics just yet.
  • Some video of Bojan Bogdanovic doing a little of everything. Check out that guy’s uploads for more of BoBo, Deron, Sasha, et al.
  • On WFAN yesterday, David Stern talked some of the parameters of the latest owners’ proposal. One big piece: teams would be able to offer free agents from other teams 3-year contracts, their own free agents 4-year contracts, and a “designated star” a 5-year contract. That’d give Deron Williams all the incentive in the world to remain in New Jersey – two extra years at a presumably increasing salary is a lot of money to leave on the table. Unfortunately, it’s also a lot of money for Dwight Howard to leave in Orlando.
  • Another takeaway from the Stern interview, a new proposal from the owners regarding amnesty: if a team wants to waive a player, they’d have the option of spreading his contract over double its duration. So say the Nets wanted to waive, say, Travis Outlaw, they’d pay him $3.5 million per year for eight years, as opposed to $7 million per year for four. It’d count against the cap that way, too. I’d prefer just a pure amnesty clause where the contract must be paid, but is completely off the books.
  • Stefan Bondy goes a little more in detail about the effect of the owner’s proposal on the Nets.
  • Off-topic, but holy Rondo.