Around the Nets Tuesday: Amazing

  • The Brooklyn Nets have reportedly put together a package worth upwards of $30 million for Gerald Wallace.

  • Jason Kidd would welcome an opportunity to end in a Brooklyn Nets uniform… or a New York Knicks one: “‘That would be a lot of fun, to be able to help a young player like that,’ Kidd said of Lin. ‘”He has all the tools. We saw that before he got hurt. To help him understand it’s a long season, to pace yourself, and that he’s got to work extremely hard. Also, to share the things that help me be successful and help him be a better player.'”

  • After he sat a full season following surgery for an aortic aneurysm, could the Brooklyn Nets be interested in Jeff Green?

  • Dwight Howard and Carmelo Anthony are the lead NBA players starring in the Chinese sci-fi film “Amazing,” a film presumably about the lengths players go to avoid playing in New Jersey.

  • Sports economist Dave Berri lists Deron Williams as the ninth-most overpaid player in the NBA. I should note that I’ve never personally agreed with Berri’s methods, and from a broad view, his conclusion is understandable; the Nets paid Williams upwards of $16 million to lead a 22-44 team. What that analysis doesn’t cover is the nuanced effect from his teammates, and why a point guard on an injury-decimated, sloppily constructed team might have such an uphill battle to climb.

  • MarShon Brooks: looking to get stronger.
  • Tim Bontemps wants you to know that it’s okay we haven’t heard much on the Nets lately: it’s merely the quiet before the storm.