Around the ‘Nets: Lionel Hollins on the hot seat?


The latest Nets news and notes from around the ‘nets:

  • Rapper Fabolous is still a Brooklyn Nets fan, through and through.

  • So, Brook Lopez loves cats, which is what makes his childhood story all the more horrifying until the happy ending.

  • The oddsmakers have put Lionel Hollins on the hot seat. Bovada has released odds about who the next NBA coach to get fired will be. Lionel Hollins ranks second, at 3-to-1 odds, behind Sacramento Kings coach George Karl.

  • The Nets met legendary athlete and civil rights pioneer Tommie Smith upon landing in Atlanta.

  • Lionel Hollins on the WNBA: I like to watch the [WNBA] because the ball moves, and they are fundamentally sound and pass the ball, (but) the reality is, fans like to see men dunk.”