Are the Nets Actually Being Contracted?

So during the holiday week, I’ve been doing a bit of moonlighting (no worries faithful NAS readers, you are my top priority). However, I recommend you check out a guest post I did over at Sports Illustrated’s Point Forward blog. In the article, I talk a bit about LeBron’s “contraction” comments and note that the Nets are in fact already set to be contracted – the move to Brooklyn in two years expects to scrub away the remnants all traces of the failed basketball experiment in New Jersey. However, are the league’s top stars noticing?:

By playing such a strong hand in the Anthony sweepstakes, Prokhorov is demonstrating he is not satisfied in waiting for a group of rookies and role players to jell with the team’s current focal points — Brook Lopez and Devin Harris, who are above-average players, but not stars by the league’s definition. Yet, the Carmelos and the LeBrons of the NBA still continue to unite around the same message when it comes to the Nets: The future is irrelevant. And, don’t think Prokhorov and the rest of the front office don’t know this, which is why they’re doing everything in their power to contract the New Jersey Nets.

Again, give it a read, and please check out the Point Forward even when I’m not guest blogging. Zach Lowe, formerly of Celtics Hub fame in the True Hoop Network, is one of the best there is and let me also add a heckuva guy and one of the best writers I ever had the honor to share a newsroom with.