Are Nets Moving Away From the ‘Melo Table

Those who have campaigned against a Carmelo Anthony acquisition for the Nets may have a reason to rejoice if Ken Berger’s latest report is accurate. According to Berger, who, it’s worth noting, has been pretty entrenched in the ‘Melo/Nets saga, the Nets front office is getting tired of the mixed signals coming out of Denver and they may actually “reevaluate” their pursuit of Anthony:

In view of their frustration, the Nets have not yet gotten to the point where they’re ready to pull all their chips off the table. But it’s clear that the Nets are “sick of the whole charade,” according to one source and have “backed away,” according to another.

I wouldn’t blame the Nets for being fed up. Trade talks obviously cooled when Anthony’s sister passed away last week, but Denver’s reported demands seem to change by the day and I found it odd that a team that has a disgruntled superstar that they stand to lose for nothing at the end of the season is seemingly playing from a seat of power.

However, I still don’t believe the Nets are done with this pursuit. From my perspective, the Nets will only truly tip their hand that their out if they move Troy Murphy’s expiring contract in another deal. Murphy’s contract may be the most important asset under the Nets control because it will help salaries match-up with other teams, which is usually more important with NBA trades than the actual talent exchanged.